Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Two brewery taps in one day

Not quite as good as when we did back to back brewery tours in Masham* but we managed to go two brewery taps in one day when on our last research trip.

Hawkshead brewery visitor centre in Stavely was our first port of call.

It's a modern, open plan place with a couple of hefty beer tanks on display. There's a bar and bottle shop with 'beer tapas' available eat with your pint. We didn't stay for long, but I had time for a scotch egg and very good it was too.

As well as their own bottled beers for sale there's a selection of foreign beers too. We stocked up on some of Hawkshead's finest but were slightly annoyed to find them available cheaper in Booths. Why do most breweries charge more for their beers when you buy it direct than what you can get them for in the shops?

We also got to the Drunken Duck, home of Barngates brewery on that day. It's a very posh looking pub which surprised me, as Barngates cartoonish pumpclips have always looked a bit cheap to me. We sat outside as the sun was out and there was a nice view. Can't remember what I had, but it was probably named after one of their dogs. I've found Barngates beers a bit hit and miss in the past, but never been sure if it was due to the pub or the brewery so it was good to see the beer was on form at their brewery tap.

*Theakstons wins hands down.


  1. Ed, I'm also a beer snob (and proud of it!), i'm wondering what your opinions on the post brewing process are?
    I feel that when a pint is poured, almost as importantly as the taste is the texture, the temperature (this sort of thing: http://www.wesureservegoodbeer.com/pouring_the_perfect_pint.cfm)

    I am interested in how the right sort of atmosphere around the pint is created e.g. how a pint of beer complements the food etc and vice versa

  2. Theakstons, all I recall are loads of unmalted adjuncts in the malt-store and too-creamy beers on the bar, only Old Peculiar was drinkable to my tastes.

  3. To be honest I'm not a big fan of Theakston's or Black Sheep's beers but I much preferred the old tower brewery at Theakstons compared to Black Sheep's modern set up.