Tuesday 10 March 2009

60 minute IPA

Hurrah for my mum! When I heard my mum was going out to Delaware to visit some relatives I asked her to see if she could find me a bottle of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. The creative minds behind this beer came up with the idea of adding hops continuously throughout the boil.

Hops added early in the boil add bitterness as alpha acids are isomerised but not much aroma as the volatile aroma compounds are boiled off. Hops late in the boil add aroma but not much bitterness as the alpha acids need a good boil to isomerise. Many brewers add 'late hops' at the end of the boil in addition to 'copper hops' added at the start of the boil to try and get the best of both worlds but this is the only brewery I know that adds hops continuously

I got brought back four bottles which is a result as I only asked for one. On the down side
my mum said she bought a six pack so I know there's two bottles sitting at my uncles in Delaware that were nearly mine. Seeing as I've got three more bottles than expected is it wrong to pine for the two that got away?

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