Wednesday 23 December 2009

Going pro again!

I can now reveal the most exciting news in the history of beer blogging, if not the internet!

Sorry, I went a bit Brewdog then.

I do have some news that is pretty exciting to me though: I've got another brewing job. I'm going to be the brewer at a new small brewery starting in Kent. It's out in the sticks, with I think Tonbridge being the closest town. I'll be starting in January and the beer is due to go on sale in Feb.


  1. Is that at Moodley's? If so, my colleague is friends with the owner and I keep telling her to send me some of the beer but she hasn't! It's the nearest brewery to me so I want to see what the beer's like. Tonbridge is terrible for beer but I'll meet you for a pint there sometime!

  2. It's a new one starting in Rolvenden. Having looked at a map it's actually a bit further from Tonbridge than I thought, but that was the last town I passed on the way there that I could remember the name of!

    I'm sure I could manage meeting in Tonbridge for a beer though!

  3. Oh cool. Nice to see another one starting up nearby. It might be worth you checking out Moodley's now then as they'd be your closest rivals, them and Westerham.

    Congrats on the job, by the way!

  4. Congratulations, Ed. Nice time of year to be geting good news :)

  5. Well done Ed, now you can really push the boat out...!