Monday 15 March 2010

The Keep, Guildford

On Saturday we checked out a Good Beer Guide pub not too far from home, The Keep in Guildford. It has a look a bit on the poncey wine bar side but was pleasant enough and the lovely Lisa and I managed to install ourselves on a leather sofa, a seating arrangement I throughly approve of.  

But enough about where our bottoms were parked, lets get on to what was poured down our necks. The beers were from an excellent local brewery, Surrey Hills. Well, they're currently local but looking at the website it seems they could be moving to Dorking. So it goes.  Two beers were on tap, Hammer Mild (3.8% ABV) and Shere Drop (4.2% ABV). It's not often I take much interest in mild, though there are occasional exceptions. My recently converted friend was there supping mild when we arrived so I thought I'd join in. It was, as you might expect, dark and sweet with not too much hops but really rather pleasant. When I moved on to Shere Drop I was reminded why I don't normally drink mild though. A great fresh hop flavour hit me with the first sip and that was my choice of beer sorted for the rest of the evening. 

The monkey was more fickle though switched to gin and tonic after trying each of the beers.

We has a good evening, in a nice pub and the beer was good so we'll definitely be back.


  1. Ed, I can only presume you are inebriated when you write your blogs?

  2. Sometimes. That post looks coherent though so I don't think I was when it was written.

  3. The food is cheap, but very poor quality! and cold! and undercooked!