Sunday 6 June 2010

Drinkability research

As a beer professional my work never really ends. Though I would like spend my weekends engaged in healthy pursuits like strolling in the Surrey Alps and mowing the lawn I'm often forced to go out and drink lots of beer in order to keep my beer knowledge up to date. The crosses we have to bear... 

Last Saturday was a case in point. As it was a bank holiday weekend, naturally my thoughts turned to DIY, but it was not to be. Just when I was getting ready to go to Homebase the lovely Lisa looked up from the sofa and said "lets go and get wankered". As Continuing Professional Development is something I take very seriously, how could I refuse? Earlier in the week I'd delivered some beer I'd made to a local pub which gave us a research opportunity too good to miss - a chance to test the drinkability. 

At work I do have to have the occasional beer, purely for quality control purposes of course. Useful though this is, it doesn't tell me how drinkable the beer is over a session, an important element of a decent draught beer. 

The beer at the bar

When we got the the pub my beer was was on and the research commenced. The beer had good condition, was a clear golden colour and tasted of citrussy hops but still had body. So far so good. The next pint went down well too, as did the one after and the one after that. Thus we can conclude that the beer had drinkability as well as good flavour. 

At that point we felt we'd done enough research for and afternoon (after all, pints count double then) so we staggered headed home to write up our findings. 

My lovely research assistant hard at work

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