Saturday 4 December 2010

Open it! Dogfish head World Wide Stout

I was quite taken with the Open it! idea. In my beer cupboards are a few beers that have been lurking there for years and it's about time one got guzzled. 

I dusted off a beer I bought from Safeways supermarket, so according to Wikipedia it's at least five years old.  Dogfish head World Wide Stout weighs in at 21% ABV, so is way stronger than anything I normally drink.

It went down surprisingly easily for the strength as I didn't have to chew before swallowing. The alcohol didn't sit too well on my stomach though, and despite sipping carefully I really had trouble finishing the bottle. It poured fairly flat and holding it up to the light I could only conclude that it could be no more black. The taste was sweet, which suited me as I'm not too fond of astringent stouts, but the years haven't done it any favours and it definitely seemed a bit oxidised.

Oh well, that was well worth the wait. 



  1. Quite liked this one, but the wife surprisingly liked it more.

  2. I suspect it's much older than five years. If my memory is right Safeway were selling this stuff back in 1994. I remember the headlines at the time.

  3. Yes, 'The beer that could kill'!

  4. You got this from safeways!! Bloody hell even we can't get that and we sell 600 beers. Had to get my parents to bring me some back from the states, it's great stuff, if not a bit like molassas :)

  5. I don't think it was on sale in UK quite as far back as Barm is thinking - I bought some in Safeway in 2003 & mentioned it on the old-skool-for-the-internet) Usenet real ale group -