Monday, 7 February 2011

The horror! The horror!

My usual Sunday routine was once again disturbed this week. Though at least I got the fry up in this time. After that the lovely Lisa and I headed up to Kew for a a family lunch at The Botanist.

Two beers were on, both from the righteous Twickenham brewery. We were the first there so got in some of the hoppy Naked Ladies (4.4% ABV) whilst we waited. When everyone else got there we were shown to our table and without much thought I plonked my pint upon it. To my horror it immediately slid straight off. I managed to catch it but I must have lost half a pint, which went all over our seat. I was not best pleased.

The barmaid did warn us about the table when she brought some drinks over later, and even gave us a free half when she heard of our earlier mishap. I couldn't help but think that the warning came a bit late though. I hope pub tables with convex slopes don't catch on as they're a really rubbish idea.

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