Thursday 24 March 2011

Growing hops

I planted some hops yesterday. I thought with Spring intermittently arriving it was about time.

On reading the instructions I see they should have been planted in Winter. Oh well, hopefully they'll be fine.

The variety is Prima Donna, though the hops are sold as First Gold. I got the plants from Essentially Hops.


  1. That's cool! Will want to see the growth progress!! :)

  2. Aye, I grow my own too and have some First Gold from Essentially Hops. Don't expect too much this year as they'll be growing their roots, although you should get some cones. This will be year 3 for mine, so I'm hoping for good things. I've also got some Target and Bramling X which are on their second year.

  3. I have Challenger, WGV, and Fuggle in Pots that need putting in the ground very soon.
    I might dump the WGV as I think the hop character in beer can be a bit overpowering.
    Much prefer a a Bramling Cross.... I see they sell Cascade now too :)

  4. Winter, Spring... it's all the same these days!

    I didn't know you could grow hops in pots. I don't know why it didnt occur. May have to give this a go