Saturday 3 September 2011

Back at Shepherd Neame's.

I was back at Shepherd Neame's brewery last night for a CAMRA award ceremony. As once again I was driving I had limited drinking opportunity, which is a shame as free beer always tastes better and the 9.2% barley wine they'd made on the pilot plant seemed to be very popular.

The main even was held in the new visitor centre/museum where some interesting pictures caught my eye. It seems Shep's once had a particularly strict version of the reinheitsgebot as their advertising slogan.

And at one point were keen to promote the regular drinking of Belgian beer.


  1. Sounds like almost everthing that's brewed on that pilot plant turns out to be great. If only they then moved some of those beers into full production!


  2. I suspect the way the main brands at Shep's are brewed has a negative effect on the taste.