Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Beer for interest only

My favourite sister kindly gave me some interesting beers recently. One of them went part way to answering a question a friend had asked at Woking beer festival: what would a beer made with cannabis taste like?

Cannabis is related to hops, so compared to some of the weird things people have put in beer it kind of makes senses.

The Cannabia beer I was bought is a hemp beer though. I don't know much about hops that sounds suspiciously like the part of the plant they make ropes out of, not the part that gets you stoned. So probably not what my friend was curious about. And as to how it tastes...well, like a sweet lager. One for interest only I'm afraid.


  1. I tried it before and definitely had a hint of hemp. Tried a sasison homebrew with added hemp and was able to pick out the secret ingredient with no prompting.

  2. Assuming it will not cure Glaucoma?

  3. See about half way down the page
    I made a hemp bitter, ground seed in the boil, loads of flavour but too much oil in the seed. Maybe ground seed in the Mash would have been better at leaving the oil behind.

    Also see
    Made with Roasted Hemp seeds, roasting them gave me a thick head, it gave the Stout a smokey burnt flavour which wasn't unpleasant.

  4. Blimey at this rate hemp beer will be getting BJCP style guidelines soon!