Friday, 29 June 2012

A strawberry-pink china mug

After the excitement of seeing the hop growers booths at Blissimore Hall Acre it was on to Devon and the beer festival in Branscombe. There were over 30 beers on at the Fountain Head Inn, each listed on a board and orders taken only by number, Chinese takeaway style.

This didn't make it ideal for remembering what beers you'd had but I think it's fair to say it was lots.

The next day we took a stroll along the cliff and followed the handy signs:

After a couple of something re-badged from Greene King in Beer we moved on to the Mason's Arms, now a St Austell pub. I can remember what I had there as it was the delicious Proper Job (4.5% ABV). The high spot though has be when we wandered on for more at the Fountain Head, and it doesn't involve beer at all.

Already fortified on arrival it was time to see if they'd let me use a strawberry-pink china mug. The barman was a bit of a miserablist who made it clear they were for display purpose only, but I did get to play with one.

So here I am pretending to drink out of George Orwell's favoured drinking vessel. I can see why he liked them, it must hold a quart.


  1. Argh, so close.

    We've started a semi-serious quest to find one, eliciting lots of blank looks from the proprietors of junk and antique shops.

  2. I still had fun, and as Martyn Cornell had correctly predicted it was full of dust.