Sunday 9 September 2012

Guest review: Bacardi Oakheart

As a beer blogger I get sent a right load of marketing drivel. But the person promoting Bacardi's latest offering had the right idea, opening with an offer to send me a bottle.Offering free booze is a guaranteed way to get my interest. Obviously rum is not the sort of thing I drink myself but I know a man who does so I sub-contracted out the reviewing part to my mate Gordon.

The bottle arrived safely, and Gordon was more than happy to have it passed on to him and here are his thoughts:

  • the bottle design is nice – all the little dents over the glass are neat, 
  • the rum smells very smooth with the vanilla and spice flavours easily picked up and quite inviting 
  • tried the rum with some cola –  it was really smooth, not at all harsh with a nice sweet and spicy taste and aftertaste
  • It is definitely a rum I could happily drink and would even consider buying. Might test a bit more tonight.


  1. Have a read of Hernando Calvo Ospina's 'Bacardi: The Hidden War.' It will tell you far more about the rum you're drinking than any amount of PR junk ever will. :)

  2. As I said I didn't drink it, I gave it to a mate.