Thursday, 28 March 2013

Drinking keg at the Kernel

I don't normally start drinking at 10 am, particularly when it involves dashing up to London to drink keg beer. But sometimes you have to make exceptions.

And when Stan Hieronymus asked if I'd like to meeting him for a beer whilst he's over I felt an exception was definitely in order. 

What with it being early I started on the table beer, a weak (3.2% ABV), pale and hoppy number with a distinct yeasty haze. It was served from a keykeg, though the carbonation levels seemed reasonable, but it was, like the whole building in fact, definitely on the cold side. After nursing this pint (actually 330ml so more like a half) I had the biere de table, which was a bit stronger (4.7% ABV), and made with saison yeast, something I'm rather fond of. 

I enjoyed the beers, but like me they could have done with being warmer. I didn't calculated the price per pint until after we'd left, but it was a bit of an eye opener (£4.30 and £5.16 respectively). I guess that's craft beer for you: keykegs and passion don't come cheap! It definitely has a market though. We left after a couple of beers as I was starting to fear for my extremities, but the place was really starting to get busy by then.

We battled our way though a biting wind to London Bridge station where Stan went to continue his busy cultural schedule and the lovely Lisa and I went into the nearest Fullers pub. Our bodies needed some food and warmth by then, and for the sake of my immortal soul I said a quick Ale Mary and got some ESBs in. When we'd defrosted we braved Borough Market but the Utobeer selection didn't really grab me. We had one for the road in the Market Porter and then headed home. Having got sustenance for my mind, body and soul I was really in need of nap by this point.     


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