Sunday, 5 May 2013

May mild mission miracle

Actually miracle might be a slight overstatement but I do like alliteration, and I did find a great mild. Despite the difficulties I find reaching for my wallet when the word 'tossers' is going through my head we were back at the Sloaney Pony on Saturday. Fortunately the specially inflated prices and 'no tasters' policies weren't in operation, so though it still wasn't cheap it wasn't painful.

Seeing the excellent Oakham JHB on one of the handpumps I went straight for that, but sadly it had a touch of the wet dog about it. Pondering what to have next I remembered my mission for the month is to drink mild and they had one on the bar. Hobsons seem to have gone for the slightly odd position of making the ABV the most prominent thing on their pump clips, but the word 'mild' still stood out.

 The beer was dark enough, but not quite black, and despite its modest strength a delicious dark delight.

That was the order pretty much sorted for the rest of the afternoon, so whilst the jugs of Pimm's were flying out of the bar it was pints of mild for us.

I don't drink mild often, as you don't see it much round my way and I generally prefer beer with more hops. But if I saw milds like this more often I may have to have a re-think.


  1. Have to admit most milds I've tried have been good or even great beers. Others have been watery dullness.

  2. You know I could be coming round to your way of thinking!

  3. I like Hobson's beers - we don't get them enough up north though!

  4. I can't recall seeing them before but I hope to do so again soon!