Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A trip to the North Pole

We had a pub crawl research trip around Islington the other week. We started at the Craft Beer Co., which unlike most craft beer bars has the benefit of being a pub.

Though the definition of craft beer is a thing of great controversy amongst beer nerds on this side of the Atlantic, craft beer bars are much easier to define: places with a good range of beers where scotch eggs cost a fiver. Because of this we'd come prepared:

50p each seems much more reasonable 

The Craft Beer Co. had a good range of beer but they were a bit on the warm side so we soon went the short walk to the Hundred Crows Rising for a delicious drop of Old Dairy.

It was time to get trekking after that, and we were able to satisfy our new found love of canals on the way to our next stop.

It was an excellent looking old gin palace called The Island Queen that we were heading to.

It was Landlord for me here, but we could only stop for one as our goal was to reach the North Pole and that takes some serious trekking. OK, not that serious really as it was another pub we'd definitely reached a North London post code and that was quite North enough for us. This was where we had the best beer, look they had all three colours:

Yellow, brown and black: what a selection!
Saltaire Triple Chocoholic was probably the pick of the bunch. Having reached the North Pole things could only really go down from there. We didn't booze with our meal at the Guanabana, nice milkshake mind but the food wasn't quite what we'd hoped for, and then it was just a swifty before the train at the Coal Hole, which didn't set the Thames on fire.

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  1. Hi Ed, nothing to do with the above blog post I'm afraid, although your trip to North London does sound very interesting.

    A couple of weeks ago I sent a sales enquiry to Old Dairy in relation to our beer festival at the Spa Valley Railway. Like last year, this will be taking place at Tunbridge Wells West Station, and at other stations further down the line, between 18th & 20th October.

    Unfortunately I have not heard back from your sales team, so would be grateful if you could chase them up for me.

    Many thanks


    ps. We are looking at taking a Copper and a Blue Top, plus a Green-Hop Ale, if you are producing one this year.