Saturday 18 January 2014

Making Malt

I've now started being trained up in the pilot maltings at work. Which is good as I now have new toys to play with.

The first stage, screening the grains for size and clearing out stray bits of straw was fun:

Most of the process takes place in the steeping and germination vessel:

 The steeping and germination vessel wins for shinyness but doesn't move as fast.

The grains will get three steeps, with air rests in between so the grains don't drown. During the germination stage the drum will rotate to stop the rootlets tangling. Kilning next...


  1. That's pretty cool! What kinds of malt are you planning to produce...?

  2. This one's going to go down various routes and I think will end up as ale, munich, crystal and chocolate malt.

  3. Cool. No plans to try and recreate some sort of a diastatic brown malt...?

  4. I hope to have my first attempt at that next week!

  5. Oooo, excellent! Please let us all know how it goes and if you find yourself with a few spare kilos... ;-)