Tuesday 25 November 2014

Fermentability and mash temperature

When I wanted to make some low alcohol beers by producing a low fermentability wort a colleague dug out a paper for me relating mash temperature to fermentability. Though there are other factors at work as well I found it a great help.

Here's the figures:

Temperature °C and apparent attenuation %
65°C 82%
70°C 70%
75°C 50%
80°C 30%

For those that don't know what I'm talking about when you mix malted barley with hot water (the mash) enzymes from the malt break starch down to fermentable sugars. The higher the temperature the quicker the enzymes themselves break down and the less fermentable sugar is produced. 


  1. Aren't facts brilliant. Most useful.

  2. I dug out a bit more info when I was back at work:

    The work was by Jaideep Chandrasekhar, the grist was 90% lager, 10% carapils, the beer was fermented with lager yeast and the liquor was DI water +200ppm gypsum. Liquor to grist ratio was 3:1