Tuesday, 13 October 2015

White Shield brewery revived, again

I sometimes forget that not everyone reads the IBD's magazine. Which means a lot of people won't have noticed that the William Worthington brewery is being revived, again.

Molson-Coors, who never really did much with it, have sold it to Planning Solutions Limitied (PSL), the company that runs the National Brewery Centre. The building will continue to be leased to PSL. Cask White Shield and Red Shield will be brewed under licence and:
 "PSL intends to develop other beers and has engage Steve Wellington, the former Head Brewer at the centre, to help identify a range of quality real ales to demonstrate the varitey of beers that can be produced in Burton."

"PSL's significant investment in the project includes plans to refurbish and modernise the brewing facilities and bottling plant. It has already identified a Craft Brewer and Assistant Brewer to lead the new brewing enterprise."
Interesting to see that Craft Brewer is something you can work up to from being an Assistant Brewer, I suppose it takes time for the beard to grow though. 


  1. Excellent: let's hope they make a Bass No 1-a-like asap

  2. Well the last I saw from Stefano Cossi said barley wine was coming so it was definitely being thought about at one point.