Saturday, 16 January 2016

Death of an icon

Sad news I heard on twitter was confirmed when I visited a supermarket recently: Special Brew has had its strength cut. And the cans have shrunk.

When the bastards brought in high strength beer duty Spesh proudly stood above all the other tramp juices that cut their strength and stuck to its guns at a glorious 9%. Originally brewed for when Winston Churchill (bad cess to him) visited Copenhagen I occasionally partook of its syrupy goodness myself. But no more. Next time I find myself going wild camping I'll have to track down some of the craft tramp juice that's now available in cans.


  1. Spesh is the only one of these still found in mainstream supermarkets, so I haven't been able to check whether Tennents, Skol or Kestrel have also cut their strength.

    You will now get more bangs per buck from McEwan's Champion at 7.3% ABV which is widely available in 4 for £6 deals.

  2. Sad news indeed, Special Brew always having a special place in the firmament as an occasional treat.
    I can't say the same of McEwans Champion of the very few beers I poured down the sink after struggling through half a bottle, it tastes horrible!

  3. My Dads gonna be gutted about this, I dont knnow how im gonna break the news....

  4. What kind of mug takes beer of any kind wild camping? Hipflask all the way for we of the ultralight persuasion

    1. I don't like spirits though, whereas I didn't mind a drop of Spesh.

  5. I've got a couple of special brews of Special Brew I was given at the brewery in Copenhagen. I should try one sometime.