Saturday 19 March 2016

Research trip to Brighton

Last weekend I met up with some old colleagues for some research in Brighton. Coming the furthest, I of course got there first, whilst the person who actually lives in Brighton came in a respectable last. We started in the Evening Star. Despite the wide range of beers available I was determined to stick to Dark Star.

It wasn't a bad decision as the Hop Head Dry was superb. Once we were all gathered and had had some light refreshment we went on to see Will's latest venture, Old Tree botanical drinks at Silo.

There was all sorts of microbiological weirdness going on: kombucha, water kefir and a favourite microbiolgical miracle of mine: beer. I must bring a microscope next time I visit. The food was weird too, but very tasty.

We then checked out the North Laine Brewhouse, where the beer was OK if unexciting. They had the rugby on so we didn't stay long.

Next stop else. Nice pub, whichever one it was, and the Gun Brewery beer was good too. 

We were quite jolly by this point.

Three Heads are better than one
As it was getting on we started making our way back to the station, though allowing time for another stop at the Evening Star.When it comes to research you can't be too thorough.

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