Thursday 12 January 2017

Brewing “best in class” Key Performance Indicators

With Cloudwater brewery reporting they have losses of up to 39% just in the fermentation and dry hopping here's some figures for big breweries:

Key Performance Indicator
Best in Class
Output per employee per year (hl/man hr/ yr)
15,000 – 22,000
Brewing productivity (hl/ mar hr)
Packaging efficiency %
NR bottle productivity (hl/man hr)
Refillable bottle productivity (hl/ man hr)
Materials usage efficiency (brewing extract) %
Total extract loss across plant %
4 to 5
Liquid losses %
2 to 4
Packaging materials losses %
Return on capital %
Capacity utilisation %
Over 90
BOD in wastewater (mg/ hl)
1 to 1.5
Water usage/ unit production
2.5 to 4
Energy (steam) usage (MJ/ hl)
5 to 6.5
Electricity usage (kWh/ hl)
Greenfield cost/ unit of capacity ($/ hl)
Conformance to plan/ product specs %
Customer complaints %
Safety (lost time frequency)

From The Brewer and Distiller International Vol 4, Issue 7, July 2008, p21


  1. Wouldn't be surprised if the new variations of mash filters now produce 99-102% extracts.

  2. You mean breweries like Cloudwater are wasting materials and incurring extra costs, then trying to pass them on to the buying public? I thought competition in a capitalist market was supposed to sort out that sort of malarkey.

  3. If you use materials efficiently to produce output, you are gonna get a decent yield. That's an industrial process. Boring.

    If you play with hops and experiment you're gonna have to pour a lot of undrinkable pish away. But that's craft! That's what we want. That's how an economy should work. I want to pay for entitled posh beardie man children to not have to ever get a proper job. I want them to sell out to Coors for millions, laters.

    I'm bored with my reliable mass produced car. It always runs, never breaks down. Boring.

    I'm off to buy a craft car. Hand built by a guy that like to play with metal and petrol.

  4. Cookie's right of course. When we've got *enough* money, that's exactly the kind of car some of us like to buy. Brilliant!

    Phil's wrong of course, "breweries like Cloudwater" aren't "wasting materials" - they're *using* more. That's how come it's so tasty. Brilliant!

  5. ... and of course, more "Output per employee" = more unemployment = more time to drink beer! Brilliant!