Friday, 17 February 2017

A visit to Meantime brewery

After the excitement of the Wimbledon brewery it was Meantime next.

Here's some cylindroconical fermenters:

 And there's a close up of the conical bit:

Our genial host:

The sink was ten grand apparently, though it is rather snazzy. 

Ready for hop additions:

The Aber perfect pitch which uses capacitance to count viable yeast cells.

Some indoor fermenters:

 With a pressure relief valve and anti-collapse valve:

I know one of these people:

 Then a trainee showed us something he'd been working on...

...which was really rather good, if a little young.

The re-revived Thomas Hardy Ale has been going for three years now and still not a drop sold. I dare say it won't be too long before some finally finds its way to the shops, and I look forward to having some more.

Then it was time for some more thorough research.

Having enjoyed the visit I was in an ecumenical mood and thought it was time to try the tank lager. Though I have absolutely no idea how serving beer in larger containers is supposed to make it fresher the lager was fine. A bit grainy, but it might be how it's meant to be, and it was better than the tank  ale.


  1. Thomas Hardy announced this on their instagram:

    1. Was it actually for sale there thought or was it just a promotional event?