Friday, 25 August 2017

A visit to Únětický pivovar

The last visit I organised for the Brewery History Society trip to Prague was to Únětický pivovar. I'd become a big fan of their beer on work trips to Prague, and previously scouted out the feasibility of a visit.

The brewery is in a glorious old brewery building:

The the actual brewhouse is surprisingly small nowadays:

So they still have space for a boules rink:

Once again there were lots of open fermenters:

And an awful lot of conditioning tanks:

And yes, we did drink some beer straight from them:


  1. Wow, straight from the conditioning tanks - doesn't get much better than that! I wonder why their actual brewhouse is so small - did you get much more information on this?

    1. I didn't ask I'm afraid. I would guess it's the original brewhouse they put in, and they've steadily been adding fermenters and conditioning tanks.