Saturday 30 September 2017

A visit to Cambie Hops and De Plukker brewery

The study tour of Belgium was timed so we could see the hops in Popereinge. Due to excellent work from the organisers we visited Cambie hops, which as well as the hops has the De Plukker brewery on site.

The hops are grown organically and are mostly English varieties, though Cascade is also grown and Centennial is being trialled. 

Cultivated using the German system you'll notice

The farmer seemed remarkably relaxed about Verticillium wilt saying if he gets a bad patch he will grub up the plants and replace them with a wilt resistant variety, but didn't think wilt persisted long.

The brewery was small, but more than ample for our modest needs, and it was good to taste beers made with the  hops growing only a few metres away. 

Thanks to Richard Rees for the pictures

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