Friday, 16 February 2018

Carlsberg's new barley varieties

I'm sure like me you've been trying to figure out what's going on with the new Carlsberg barley varieties written about in Beer magazine.

This account looks a little confused to me so I had a go at seeing what I could find. Null-lox barleys have been around for a while now, they lack the enzyme lipoxygenase so ultimately make beers with lower levels of the cardboard/paper tasting aldehyde formerly known as trans-2-nonenal (T2N). Of course you could just stop under kilning your malt or pay more attention to oxygen pick up and storage temperature.

I didn't get what this had to do with sweetcorn flavoured DMS though, but digging around it seems that breeding with null-lox barleys has moved on and they have now been bred to produce less DMS precursor too.

So that's the paper and sweetcorn flavours accounted for, but I couldn't find anything any mention of improved clarity. However, as barleys have already been bred that are free of the haze forming polyphenol proanthocyanidin perhaps that trait is being bred in too. 

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