Tuesday, 22 May 2018

May is the month of mild

May is the month of mild,
Month we all love so well;
Mild is god's own beer,
Gladly it's praise we tell

I was starting to panic about this year's Beery Month of Obligation. Well over half way through it I'd not seen a drop of mild and I didn't know where to look. Fortunately for me a tweet from Lars Garshol helped me track down mild to the Royal Oak in Borough. So with a slight detour on the way to a home brew competition success, and spiritual well being, were mine.

In fact this year I'm feeling positively virtuous as they had both light and dark mild on.

The light wasn't that light mind.

But the dark was properly dark and the one I preferred. If I saw it more often I'd drink a lot more of it. Sadly though as Harvey's are supporters of the Small Brewer Duty Reform Coalition there's no chance I'll be seeing it in my local.

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