Wednesday 20 February 2019

G for Germany

I will be travelling to Germany for a study tour with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in May. As a life long fan of cold, fizzy, sulphurous and quite possibly diabolically inspired lager I'm particularly looking forward to this one. To help me maximise my Continuing Professional Development whilst I'm out there can anyone more experienced in the ways of Luciferian libations give me recommendations for beers to drink and places to go to in Munich, Regensburg and Bamburg? Though there will no doubt be a packed schedule on the tour there should be some free time for further study in the evenings.


  1. I have to confess I mostly avoided Munich for beer the last couple of times I was in Bavaria, apart from a very enjoyable visit to Braukunst Live, but it's changed a lot and there's quite a few new wave breweries and bars now. Still, if you want good Larger then Augustiner & Hofbrau are hard to avoid.

    In Bamberg, places I always want to revisit include Greifenklau, Mahr's and Spezial, plus as many of the good countryside Kellers as you can - Witzgall, Roppelts, the Buttenheim ones.

  2. Hi Ed, I'd go along with all of Bryan's suggestions above, and would add Forschungsbrauerei in Munich plus Kloster Andechs to the south of the city.

    Schlenkerla is an absolute must in Bamberg, along with Bryan's other suggestions.

    Finally, Spitalgargten in Regensburg, next to the Spital Brewery, has one of the best outlooks of any German beer garden, as it looks out across the River Danube back towards the old city.


    1. WHS - deffo Andechs if you can get out there. It's not an evening trip though. Regensburg is still on my to-do list, along with a return visit to Nuremburg - the last time I was there was ~20 years ago.

  3. For good up to date information on Bamberg and Franconia, look here: some of the contributors are locals.