Friday 18 February 2022

Carling is back to 4% ABV

Back in 2017 it came out that the alcohol content of Carling was 3.7% ABV, not the 4% stated on the cans. Molson Coors have got good lawyers too, as they successfully argued that this was due to natural variation in brewing and were able to pocket the tax saving from making the beer weaker than the strength stated on the packaging. Quite how this natural variation occurs in something brewed to 8% ABV and then diluted to sales strength prior to packaging was not revealed. As far as I can see they were blatantly taking the piss, but then I'm a brewer not a lawyer. 

So when I spotted that the Quality Assurance proficiency testing scheme we're part of sent round cans of Carling for testing I viewed the ABV results with great interest. And I have to say I was surprised at the results: the ABV is back to 4%. Thought HMRC lost the court case to claim back the money Molson Coors had been saving I guess they found a way of closing the loop hole and bringing them back to the straight and narrow. 

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