Thursday, 26 May 2022

The Popular Wallop

I'm as mild mannered man as can be
And I've never done them harm that I can see
Still on me they put a ban
And they threw me in the can
They go wild, simply wild over me

If you ask me reports of mild's revival have been greatly exaggerated. So over three weeks into May I had to take a diversion via the Royal Oak to fulfil my beery obligation before it was too late. Being a Harvey's pub it's never let me down when I've needed mild and sure enough, there it was on the bar. 

I did feel a  slight twinge not ordering the best, as it's one of my favourite beers. But then I wasn't here to enjoy myself, so mild it was. Which to be fair was perfectly pleasant.

And with that mild, and my soul, was saved for another year. 


  1. Ed you have got to get out more.mild is alive and kicking.kingston fest had 8 last week.sambrokes have a mild fest this weekend.with 18.the hope carshalton has 3 on there fest and the beers from the wood fest starting today has 4.Hope this helps in your quest for mild.cheers

    1. I've just got a lot on and six pubs in Edinburgh last weekend didn't help at all. I'm meeting someone in a London 'Spoons on Friday which I suspect will draw a blank, as most likely will my local on Saturday. I did get some mild in on the last day of April but if it ain't May it don't count!

  2. I think jocko proves your point ! Probably loads of mild brewed by microbreweries for beer festivals, but those of us who just visit pubs (100+ a month) hardly EVER see mild on the bar. And I'd definitely drink it. A dozen folk on Beer Twitter visiting Sedgeley and drinking Sarah Hughes doesn't mean a revival of mild; someone reported they couldn't even get Batham's Mild last week !