Monday 3 April 2023

The errors of ecumenism

As a man of simple faith I do miss the old certainties we had before our Mother Church bowed to modernism and adopted an ecumenical approach. But it would be a grave error to commit apostasy or embrace the heresy of sedevacantism*, paths which surely lead to an eternity in the fiery pit. So it is not my place to pass comment upon the effluent that issues from the devil's drainpipe or those so lacking in moral fibre they drink it.

But I have once again found evidence those that say cask beer should be defended by selling less of it are making a big mistake. On a recent trip to Sheffield I saw a glorious line of nine (9) hand pumps on the bar at the Fat Cat, with the small number of keg beers fonts relegated to the side of the bar where they belong. 

This is surely a sensible approach that more publicans would do well to adopt. Accommodating their heathen customers but making them walk past the glory of beer served as god intended will surely benefit everyone. The heathens will have time to consider the error of their ways and turn to god's path, and the pub will sell more cask beer which will help keep it in good nick. So let us hear no more of this save cask beer by selling less of it nonsense.  

* Actually one of my favourite heresies, it's gloriously bonkers. 


  1. I'd always said that pubs with more than 3 pumps could improve the quality of cask by running a smaller range, outside a small number of specialist beer pubs (like the Kelham Island ones).

    In Sheffield you'll probably get better cask if they're selling six than if there's a lone pump, so what do I know.

    How was the Fat Cat ? Someone posted a photo of a limp looking Pale Rider there last week.

  2. It was good. Enjoyed my brief visit. Slight haze on the Pale Rider but nothing wrong with the taste.

  3. I think you'll find that the pit is not fiery but held at a notional 4°C, although that depends on a rather wonky cooler that hasn't been looked at in years as all the True Cellarmen are in the other place.