Saturday 8 May 2010

Booze news

The news section of this months Brewer and Distiller International had a few things that I'm sure will be of interest to my fellow beer nerds:

  • The world's bitterest beer has been produced by the Pitstop brewery in Oxfordshire, weighing in at 323 International Bittering Units. This was achieved by using high alpha acid hops...and adding hop extracts. It sounds to me about as pointless as the "world's strongest beers" that have been produced of late. Isn't beer meant to be something you can drink?

  • A beer called Fucking Hell has been trademarked in Germany. It is of course a beer in the Hell (pale in German)  style named after the Austrian town of Fucking. 

  • Guinness are bringing out a black lager, which will no doubt be even more boring than their black stout. 

  • And Adnams are building a distillery in their old brew house. The say it will be making gin, vodka and whisky so presumably it's a Coffey still. 

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