Tuesday 18 May 2010

What's CAMRA NEVER done for us?

It's clear many of my fellow beer bloggers' problems with CAMRA are due to things it hasn't done. Here's some of the things that people have posted:

  • Failed to challenge the anti-alcohol lobby.
  • Failed to promote non-bottle conditioned beer. 
  • Failed to promote proper real keg beers.

Feel free to comment if you want anything added. 


  1. Failed to recognise the truth that lovely lout is a pure healthy product and not chemical fizz.

    Is hypocritical in regard to beer authenticity promoting inauthentic cask versions of foreign beers instead of authentic keg versions.

    Destroyed Double Diamond & Red Barrel 10 years before I was born ensuring I could never experience these delights

    Has no Foster’s on at its beer festivals

    Misrepresents itself as a beer consumer group where is in fact a cask beer consumers group.

    Attempts to put up the price of my lovely lout.

  2. Failed to mount any kind of effective challenge to the smoking ban, which has done more harm to "community pubs" than anything else in its lifetime.

  3. Its seems the more I hear about Camra the less I want to join.

  4. failed to promote keg & non-BC beers?!

    Oh aye & I must remember to have a go at The Vegetarian Society for not supporting Britain's butchers too!