Monday 24 May 2010

IPA challenge bout five: Cobb IPA Vs St Peter's India Pale Ale

On account of our recent warm weather the latest bout in the IPA challenge was held outside at my favourite sister's place in sunny Richmond. Curious brew Cobb IPA was lining up against St Peter's India Pale Ale.  

At the weigh in it was obvious that St Peter's had more stamina (500ml Vs 330ml) but the Curious brew had a slight weight advantage (5.6% ABV Vs 5.5% ABV). The St Peter's camp is well known for producing a line of good bottled beers and the Cobb from Kent is a bit of an unknown quantity. The Kentish man does benefit from being free though, which always goes down well with the judges!

Facing off at the weigh in

This could shape up to be a classic bout, the eagerly anticipated Kentish Cobb enjoying a lot of support, but will the greater stamina of slugger from Suffolk prove telling under the sizzling sun?   

The caps are off an the fight is on! The Cobb proves to have a longer reach with a spicy goldings aroma landing before the faint floral smell of the St Peter's beer. On tasting both protagonists prove to be adept at their craft, plenty of hops are in evidence giving enough bitterness to balance the strength and both drinking very nicely. 

The bout swings too and fro as the glasses are passed around the expanded panel of judges. As the round progresses differences in style start to emerge between these two similar beers. The Cobb is spicier with a slightly harsh bitterness against St Peter's more floral and rounded palate. Neither of the pugilists can gain a clear advantage and when the round ends it's clear it will be close on the judges score cards. 

When the results come in it's a split decision with the panel voting





in favour of St Peter's, the greater stamina and the touch of caramel in the taste showing a better understanding of the sweet science to most of the judges. 

A win for St Peter's India Pale Ale by split decision. 

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