Wednesday 12 May 2010

Jennings Brewery tour

The lovely Lisa and I has a trip round Jennings Brewery when having a break from hill based heroism on our last holiday. The brewery is up and running again after being forced to close due to the flooding of Cockermouth in November. 

Before the flood there was an outdoor terrace where the frame on the building on the left is.

The main gate.

The old underback. Wouldn't you love to set those taps?

The new malt mill. These things do seem to last forever. This one was acquired second hand and is only 50 years old.

Mmmm...hops. It was mostly whole hops, though a few type 90 pellets were spotted. 

The mash tun.


The copper.


The hop back.

A fermenting vessel.


Finally getting to the beer.

The brewery has obviously had a lot of money spent on it in recent years and the current owners 'Marstons' have continued to invest. The beers are good too, and even better when served without sparklers. 



  1. Nice to see them back up and running - nice post - and good piccies, too.

  2. Brutal stuff. But did you get the head brewer's autograph Ed?