Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My sweet obsessions

I’ve found recently that in an amazing bit of serendipity two of my beer obsessions have been picked up by other people.

Someone has popped up on Boak and Bailey’s blog talking about Colne Spring Ale, and unlike me they’ve actually managed to track down some records of the original. I hope more details are posted.

Meanwhile over in Farnham it seems hops are retuning. It's people growing them in their gardens at the moment, and they’re growing First Gold rather than Whitebines, but it's very welcome all the same. They’re having a meeting next week I am to get to. It’ll be good to meet some fellow Farnham hop fans.

I think this calls for a song:

Speaking of which it's Hawkwind on Saturday. Another obsession will be temporarily sated.

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