Tuesday 11 February 2014

The underserving poor have been at the booze again

The Today programme was blahing on about beer this morning. They started at Cameron's brewery but soon moved on. It seems the undeserving poor in the North East can still afford to drink beer when presumably they should be drinking cocoa or going to church or at the very least just stop making a nuisance of themselves.

A load of statistics I'm rather sceptical about were wheeled out, and some guff about booze being too cheap.
Now I'm sure there are people doing themselves harm with their drinking but I'm very dubious about the costs attached to it. Surely drinking yourself to an early grave will cost the NHS less than living till you're so old you're falling apart at the seams and require constant care? It would be nice if they got a real economist on instead of a moralising puritan when they wanted to talk about costs.

And I have to say the people drinking a pint or six sounded a lot more fun than the anti-alcohol campaigner.

The booze bit starts at 1:43:46

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