Sunday, 23 February 2014

We were born to go

As I'm sure you're all aware there was a momentous event in London yesterday: Hawkwind were performing Space Ritual. Over the years  I have pretty much seen all the bands I've ever wanted to see, but I did have a slight regret that I was too young to have seen Hawkwind on the Space Ritual tour. It was recorded for what is without doubt the finest album ever made, particularly as it now comes with the Roadhawks version of You shouldn't do that.

The show was in aid of animal charities so I was slightly concerned we'd be harangued by hectoring herbivores throughout the evening but a well timed arrival and toilet break meant I managed to miss most of that.

Hawkwind were supporting themselves so we were treated to a first set which included a lot of stuff from the Astounding Sounds era before the main event.

At soon after 9pm the band returned and as promised played the entirety of Space Ritual, even including the poetry. I suppose with Bob Calvert long dead, Lemmy not there, and Nik Turner still feuding with Dave Brock it wasn't quite up there with the original but they'd managed to get Brian Blessed to do Sonic Attack which was fun, and way better than the last time I saw them wheel out a celebrity guest when Sam Fox slaughtered Master of the Universe.

We didn't get You shouldn't to that as an encore, instead they did Silver Machine which was quite fitting. It's a bit of a mystery why it never made the album, and it was its success as a single that paid for the Space Ritual tour in the first place.

As to the liquid refreshements I was please to see that craft beer was on sale. Well, it was all on keg and the Guinness was £4.90 a pint so I'm pretty sure it was craft.


  1. Did Stacia get up on stage and do a turn?

  2. No sighting of Stacia. There were some dancers but they all kept their kit on!