Wednesday 27 August 2014

Cobbett's Real Ale micropub

I finally got to a micropub last week. Having worked as a brewer in Kent, where micropubs were invented, and even met Martyn Hillier, the the inventor himself, this was long overdue.

Specialist beer offie Cobbett's Real Ale has now opened a micropub in a small room and courtyard at the back of the shop. There were a few people there when we called in, so with numbers still below double figures it felt a bit crowed. But the atmosphere was friendly, and we all got seats so it wasn't a problem. We maybe picked the wrong day to call in though, as they only had one cask beer on and it was more than a little tired. But never mind, I enjoyed myself there and would happily call in again.  

There's a supply of beer books to read, and a shelf of books to borrow or exchange.

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