Friday, 29 August 2014

The popular Pixham pop-up pub

At the weekend I was once more drinking differently in Dorking. After experiencing the delights of a micropub in the week it was a pop-up pub this time. Considering Dorking isn't exactly short of normal pubs - it's probably on a popular route somewhere or full of alkies, or perhaps like Ripley both - it's strange not to have gone to any of them but there you go.

The pop-up pub was a one day only event held in the Old Pixham School, just outside Dorking. I know the guy behind it all through the IBD and when he mentioned it was happening I was intrigued. When I mentioned it to my mates that live in Dorking they were also interested so to Pixham we popped.

The building looked suspiciously like it was Brewers' Tudor which was rather appropriate.

Inside there was a handy sign so we soon found the bar...

...and the friendly bar staff.

There were two polypins of beer and plenty of bottles. The draught beers were both £3 a pint, despite one being 2.8% ABV, and the other 5.6! I stated on a mix of both as I couldn't quite bring myself to drink a 2.8% beer but didn't feel like having a session on a 5.6. If I remember rightly the weak beer was by Siren and the strong one by Buring Sky, anyway both beers were of the popular pale and taste of American hops style so they mixed well.

Very reasonably priced food was laid on by locals, and you got to vote for your favourite with the winner being presented with a trophy in the shape of a kebab.The only real drawback of the event was it was like drinking in an old classroom.

Still, I had a great night so I'll certainly try to get there the next time it's held, which will apparently be in February. 

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