Thursday, 5 April 2018

If you thought dad dancing breweries were bad...

...check out the dad dancing maltster trying to go "craft".

I really don't know what to make of it, but nautical themed cartoons aren't what I look for when I'm after malt. I don't need each malt type to be given a themed brand either, but UK figures for the malt analyses would be nice.

Paul's Malt were once a big British maltster, before being sold to Irish agricultural company Greencore who sold them on again to multi-national malting company Boortmalt. Reviving the Paul's brand looks like how they're hoping to sell to craft brewers. That and nautical themed cartoons obviously.

Still, as Paul's Malt has been revived how about reviving the Paul's Brewing Room Book? It contained a lot of useful information which would be handy for craft brewers.


  1. I had to double check you meant THE Pauls Malt, and it wasnt somebody coming along with a wacky style for an old name. I hadnt realised they had stopped being a maltster, sure the company has been through many ownership hands, and the maltings of old that are in Suffolk at least are still there,not so true elsewhere I think, but not in use anymore, But with Simpsons and Muntons providing lots of East Anglian malts you never really think where does the malt come from thats making my beer.

    but hip malsters, smacks of trying too hard, but as it looks they are part of a multi national firm,and its got that air of it needs to stand out against its partner businesses, and the old Pauls logo, let alone the even older one, probably are about as anonymous as they come

  2. The name died a death but the website says they have two maltings in Britain so I assume those are old Pauls Malt ones. And Pauls Malt is a better name for launching a craft brand than Boortmalt, but blimey the website is so cringe worthy.