Thursday, 26 April 2018

Rejoice at the CAMRA vote!

I've found the recent outbreak of people spouting nonsense about CAMRA surprisingly disturbing.  But I have to accept that everyone can get it wrong and that does include me.

I may not have got it as wrong as half the twerps on twitter, but I did miss what is surely the most important result from CAMRA's AGM. No, not the acceptance of keg beer. Or the acceptance of extraneous CO2. Or even that the failed motion that so many people have got het up about was really about pubs.

No, surely the most important decision was that both the anti-'Spoons vouchers candidates were rejected. That bloke from Tiny Rebel who was far too full of himself and the young fogey who runs a pub were both anti-'Spoons vouchers and both were soundly defeated. So let us here no more of this anti-'Spoons voucher nonsense. The people have spoken.


  1. I couldn't agree more. If anyone finds Spoons vouchers offensive, post them to me and I'll save you the trouble of having to dispose of them.