Saturday 10 January 2009

Friday's beers

I stayed in last night with the lovely Lisa and drank some beers from Morrisons. First up was the every wonderful Timothy Taylors Landlord, a beer I'm always happy to drink. Then we had some beers brewed for Morrisons by the Titanic brewery. They've made a green hop ale with fresh rather than dried hops. I'd been intrigued how a beer made with fresh hops would taste for some time so I was quite interested in this one. The taste certainly did seem a bit different with a definitely lemony flavour but there was also a hint of vegatables in the taste reminiscent of a lager so a bit of a mixed bag. We preferred their Chestnut beer which had a sweet caramel flavour but with a definite chestnut taste to it too. Sadly as alcoholic drinks don't need to list their ingredients I don't know exactly what's in it except the rather vague  'natural chestnut flavour'.

Heading back to more conventional beer we had Wayland Smithy from the White Horse brewery. This is one Lisa picked and a good job too as it was a very nice, easy drinking beer. Then it was on to one of my favourite IPAs, Twisted Thistle from Belhaven.  A good clean hoppy beer with a touch of citrusy cascade hops to it.  We were starting to slow down at this point so I decided to finish off the night strong one, Rochefort 8, another tick in the list of 300 beers to try before you die. Which come to think of it means we've  moved one step closer to our deaths. It wasn't worth it either as Lisa thought it was awful and even I didn't manage to finish it. I used to really like Trappist beers but I haven't really enjoyed the last few I've had. The overpowering flavour for me in this beer was phenol, which is not something I'm really fond of drinking. Perhaps it's more a beer for those that like their peated malt whiskys (which to me taste like TCP).

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