Saturday 17 January 2009

Friday's beers

Despite my modest drinking ways I managed to get to three pubs on Friday. I went to Twickenham and managed to have half in the Prince of Wales. Despite the fact the had St. Austell's Tribute on I had to go with the local Twickenham Fine Ales Sundance, a pale hoppy beer. Then it was on to the Real Ale shop to stock up on goodies. They didn't have as many beers as I'd expected but there was still a good selection and very well chosen.

My trip to Twickenham meant I was running a bit late and didn't have time to put the dinner on so we ended up in the Sovs for a meal and a couple of pints. Harviestouns Haggis Hunter was the first one, another pale hoppy beer followed by Wychwood's January'Sale which had a whiff of wet dog about it but a lovely fruity taste, with a bit more body than you usually find in pale beers.

Lastly when I was getting ready to settle down for the night with my cup of coccoa I got dragged down to the Rowbarge where I had a couple, OK four, pints of Pride.

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