Monday 31 August 2009

Desert Island Beer #4 - Fuller's IPA

I've heard that as far as London ale drinkers go they're either Fuller's or Young's fans. The two breweries products are quite distinctive and without a doubt I prefer Fuller's so at least one of their beers has to be with me on my desert island.  Finding Fuller's IPA is sadly a rare occurrence as it's a cracking pint. It's paler than most Fuller's beers, and has plenty of hops, but is still unmistakeably Fuller's. At 4.8% ABV it nicely fills the gap between Pride and ESB and saves me from the dilemma of trying to choose between them or pick both for my desert island selection.

I've only been fortunate enough to drink it on a few occasions but have been mightily impressed each time. Once when it was free at a Fuller's pub opening do (and as we all know free beer tastes better), and once when I was sitting in the sun with the lovely Lisa on a bank holiday weekend. It was nectar.

It heard through the Fuller's Fine Ale Club that it's the seasonal beer for September so myself and the lovely Lisa will be doing our best to visit Fuller's pubs serving it for research purposes, to see if it does indeed deserve to be picked before its better known brothers. The research should be starting on Saturday.

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