Friday 28 August 2009

Sainsbury's Beer Competition

Sainsbury's Beer Competition has finally started. I first got wind of this when a post on Brewdog's blog said they'd got three beers in the final. The thought of paying supermarket prices, not Utobeer prices, for the Brewdog beers certainly got me excited so I've been looking forlornly at the normal range of beer in my local Sainsbury's, uninspired by the usual selection.

Fortunately a post over at Jim's Beer Kit alerted me that it had finally kicked off so when my local branch was still the the same old, same old I hot footed it down to a bigger branch. There in the first aisle I saw was a fine selection of beers, and on a four for the price of three offer!

I stocked up on the Brewdog beers, but also took the opportunity to get plenty of supplies of the others. I'm currently working my way through them with the assistance of the lovely Lisa.

Here's some tasting notes for the Brewdog beers:

Dogma, the beer which was once the infamous Speedball, was very sweet tasting from having honey in it. I don't actually remember the original having honey in so maybe the recipe has been tweaked. I can't say I noticed the kola nut and guarana but then I wouldn't know what they taste like anyway. I do like to see experimentation in beer but this one wasn't really to my taste.

Chaos Theory is a amber coloured IPA and I much preferred it to Dogma, plenty of hops and a touch of darker malts to give it a bit of body. Thumbs up for this one.

Hardcore IPA has definitely been tweaked apparently they couldn't get all the hops they wanted when they first brewed it. It now has a fantastic aroma, much better than the original, and no diacetyl in the taste which some bottles I had suffered from. I'd prefer something this strong to have a bit more body though, all pale malt and what must be a highly attenuating yeast leave this a bit thin.

And one from the Williams brothers: The birds and bees. I was a bit wary of this one as amongst some of my favourite hops (Styrian goldings and Cascade) it also lists elder flowers as an ingredient. I'm sure one of Badgers beers has elder flower in and it's not to my taste. I needn't have worried though as this one is a good, refreshing Summer beer. Lets just hope we get a bit more Summer!

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  1. I can give you a small yet perfectly uninformed hint about the taste of a Kola nut, it presumably tastes a bit like Coke as it was one of the original ingredients - hence the name.