Thursday 17 September 2009

Best beer bribe

Following on from the bribery and corruption post I've been pondering what the best beer bribe I've had is.

I used to go on a lot of brewery trips with my local CAMRA branch and that would usually end in an hours free drinking in the sampling room. A sure way of keeping your brewery popular with CAMRA.

I've also been to a few Institute of Brewing and Distilling events at breweries which not only have free beer on tap but a buffet laid on too. Not sure it counts as a bribe though, just brewers making the most of their position.

But my best beer bribe has to be thanks to a social club I used to be a member of. Being a club it was free from tie to any brewery or ownership by a tied pub chain. They did change who their beer came from a few times, presumably depending on what deal they could get. Young's definitely put on the best bribe to keep the club members happy with them. We had a coach trip to the brewery where we had a sit down meal with a free bar, then the brewery tour followed by more free beer and the coach home. As far as I know the club still has Young's on though it's a bit more of a trek to the brewery now!

So my best beer bribe was all the beer you can drink, a free meal and transport provided. Can anyone beat that?

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