Saturday 5 September 2009

One to watch out for

When I was in the Sovs on Friday I looked at the Ember Inns 'Cask News' and was delighted to see that Daleside Autumn Leaves is due on in September.

This beer was devised and brewed by my mate Rob who works at Daleside so is definitely one to watch out for.

And unless I'm very much mistaken the blurb on the leaflet is by him too:

"A mid-brown session bitter characterised by soft nutty malt, giving way to mature fruit and blackcurrant, with a hint of floral hops in the finish."

At 3.4% it's not as strong as Rob originally intended it but it does mean you can drink more if you find it!


  1. Believe me, if I was in the vicinity, I'd drink gallons of it.

  2. Excellent news Ed, after seeing my babies leave the other week they are finally finishing up in pubs far and wide. I have only tried the beer from a polypin and holding tank but I have heard a few North Yorkshire locals will have it in soon. As I would say, brutal stuff.