Wednesday 14 October 2009

Do I drink too much?

Not something I'm overly concerned about, though I did have to have a bit of a break after getting back from my last holiday.

'Do I Drink Too Much?' was however the title of an interesting programme on BBC2 last night where an addiction expert looked into the effects of alcohol on people in general and himself in particular. He clearly liked a drop so though he stuck to the party line of '21 units a week for men, 14 for women' he didn't get all moralistic or spread scare stories. 

The research into alcohol has shown the effects on people varies enormously, which will influence ( though not determine) if you're going to turn into a chronic alkie. It also showed how the effects of alcohol varies greatly with age, with adolescents affected much less but more likely to lose their memory. That certainly fits in with my own experience as I feel a bit of a light weight nowadays but it's a long while since I haven't been able to remember what I've been up to. 

The alcohol research included the presenter mainlining it whist having his brain scanned and trying out a drug that is being developed to get the effect of getting pissed but without the harmful side effects. He said he preferred to drug to actual booze, but I don't think I'd ever go for taking a pill over having a pint. And come to think of it I seem to remember the powers that be getting quite upset when youths started preferring pills to pints! I quite like that you could taken an antidote for instant sobering up though, but the guy seemed a bit freaked out by going from pleasantly pissed to stone cold sober so maybe we're better of sticking with what we've got.


  1. I saw that too, great programme. Although I suppose if you find yourself asking the question, the answer's almost certainly yes...

  2. I didn't catch it when it was on but thanks to you I see it's still available to view on BBC iPlayer.