Tuesday 13 October 2009

Sam Smith's Shame

It's a well known fact that Sam Smith's Brewery boss Humphry Smith is, to say the least, slightly odd. A recent BBC programme (available here) shows that he's not just an eccentric with a taste for old fashioned pubs and cask beer from wooden barrels.

It seems he acts like the lord of the manor running his brewery, and the town of Tadcaster, as his own private fiefdom, and woe betide the peasant who gets in his way. He's certainly caused a lot of misery to his staff and neighbours. Next time I end up in a Sam Smith's pub the bad taste in my mouth won't just be from the Old Brewery Bitter.


  1. Fascinating though not all unknown to me. I didn't realise what a grip he has on Taddy though.

  2. Yes, the Tadcaster thing was quite an eye opener. And I did know some Sam Smith's staff were unhappy but I didn't realise quite how badly Humphrey Smith has treated people.