Sunday 29 November 2009

King Charles I, Kings Cross

I was up in the big smoke yesterday to have a meal with a friend. We arrived a little early so needed to find a pub for a pre-meal beer. The lovely Lisa had researched some pubs in the area but none were very convenient so we decided to us psychogeography to find somewhere to drink. We soon came across Northdown street. I had recently used northdown hops for the first time in my last brew so there was clearly a case of synchronicity at work here.

Sure enough we found a pub at the end of the street we'd both heard of but had somehow failed to included in our research notes: the King Charles I

It's an excellent cosy little pub with quirky character and more importantly, Brodies beers on draught. I hadn't managed to find anything from this recently launched London brewery before so was delighted to see them. The lovely Lisa started with the English Best (3.9% ABV) and I had the Amarilla (4.2%). The best was a great session bitter, that reminded me of Timothy Taylor's Landlord though it was darker. The Amarilla was, as I suspected, a golden ale flavoured with citrussy amarillo hops. We liked them so much we stayed for another and had the delicious Red at 4.3% ABV, dark in colour but with refreshing hops. All were great beers and I'll certainly be seeking out this brewery's beers again.

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  1. We recently discovered this too. Next time you're in, you should try the Brodie's London Porter (in bottles) that they tend to have there - about 7% but very nice...